SimSaaS is Your Virtual CFO

The growth forecasting app for startups and investors.

SimSaaS Net Income Forecast Chart

How Should You Invest in Growth?

SimSaaS turns traction into a full suite of forecasted metrics.


How will your ARR and MRR grow based on sales cycles lengths, trial lengths, and pricing?


How will your costs grow to meet the market and scale your operations?

Net Income

When will your revenue exceed expenses? What levers influence the shape of your J-curve?

Cash Burn

How much cash will you need to support the next phase of growth?


How many new sales, customer success, and engineers will you need to hire and when?

Addressable Market

New markets expand along an S-curve. How will this effect your own growth?

Reporting & Collaboration

Say hello to fresh projections, portfolio analysis, and cloud-based collaboration.

Magically Fresh

SimSaaS updates automatically so you can rest easy knowing you'll never have a stale pro forma.

Smart Defaults

SimSaaS draws on a wealth of best practices to help you avoid pitfalls, test your assumptions, and master your business model.

Always Available

Forget spreadsheets over email. Share forecasts through cloud-based access controls for investors and team members alike.

Performance Tracked

Connect Stripe and Quickbooks to visualize progress and generate updates.

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